Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an estimate over the phone or via email?

No, Contractors who give you a quote over the phone without meeting you or visiting your home should be avoided. This is very unprofessional. Many variables need to be taken into account when providing an accurate proposal. We provide each customer with an in-person consultation. This allows you to easily understand the cost of your project and the type of materials used.


What prep work do I need to complete prior to having the contractors arrive?

Every job is different. We will work with you to determine what will need to be done prior to having the work started. Some examples of things you may need to do prior include:

  • Emptying out cabinets and furniture
  • Turning on an exterior water supply
  • Removing pictures and other wall hangings
  • Determining colors

Some things you can count on us to do for you:

  • Moving heavy furniture as needed
  • Removing outlet covers
  • Placing protective covers over floors and furniture


How long does it take to get an estimate?

After we meet with you for a free consultation HomePro will provide you with a written estimate on location or within 24 hours.


How Soon can work start?

There are many factors which go into scheduling work, including weather and size of the job. We work on a first come, first serve basis. Once you sign the contract we can work with you to either start your project as soon as possible. Or if you have a specific time you would like to work done, we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.


Do you require any money down?

For most residential jobs we typically require 25% down prior to starting the work. The rest is not required until the work is done and you are 100% SATISIFIED. We also accept Visa, MasterCard.

Payments for commercials jobs are negotiated at the time of sale.


Do I need to be home when you are working?

No, but we do ask that you be available each day so we can provide you with our daily update of progress and answer any questions you have. We also ask that you coordinate ahead of time how we are going to gain access/exit the work-site.


How long does it take?

Each project is different. We give our clients an approximate start and finish dates. Once we start your project, we stay on it each day until we are finished unless there are circumstances beyond our control like inclement weather that does not permit us to work.


What about bathrooms?

We do ask for access to a bathroom as a courtesy. We will respect your privacy and your property in using the bathroom.


Will you clean up after the job is complete?

Yes. We do ask for access to a sink that we can use for cleanup or an outside source if that is not possible. Floors and carpets are swept and vacuumed and furniture placed back.